What is Argan Oil?

The Argan tree was once plentiful in North Africa but is now seen only in a tiny region in Morocco. This isolated region near the Atlas Mountains is where Moroccan farmers flourish to this very day. United Nations Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization have designated the region involving the Atlantic and Atlas Mountains as a reservation area to protect the remaining Argan trees; this essentially makes Argan oil extremely high quality and very scarce.

man on donkey, Argan trees, road to Essaoira

What are the Principal Advantages of Argan Oil?

Argan Oil is an excellent skin moisturizer. The truth is that it is much more efficient when compared to other natural skin moisturizers, and this includes hi-quality products made of olive-oil or shea nut butter. Furthermore, it contains an excellent quantity of fatty acids inside. Argan oil is effective at commanding the activity of sebum, an oily material discharged by the oil glands underneath the skin. People with oily skin are incredibly worried by extreme oiliness due to sebum. Argan oil can decrease this oleaginous sensation of the fatty skin. It may also efficiently take care of the pH stability of your skin.

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Comparing Brands

Has acne got you all the way down? Check out these pointers to learn about the benefits of using argan oil for acne. Acne is something that many individuals live through and are usually fighting in figuring out how to deal with it. These days there are so many approaches that you can use to relieve your acne and rid yourself of it permanently. A few of these ideas entail natural home remedies, to assist you with any acne troubles you might have.

The simplest way to avoid acne is to be proactive within a treatment program. Before we get to the powerful benefits of argan oil in which brands you should buy for maximum effectiveness (and cost-effectiveness!), you have to promise yourself that you will commit to using something regularly for at least several weeks. Another thing you should consider is to reduce the stress amount in your life. Stress can be quite destructive to to get your whole body, appearance and it greatly advances oil production of the epidermis which in turn leads to acne. Anxiety will also make your hormones go crazy, which will also result in an ‘acne festival’ all over your skin.

Argan Nuts
argan nut oil

Image by pazavi
Orlia Ranch, Ramat Negev
Argan oil comes from the nuts of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa).
The argan tree produces nuts from which is extracted a very nutritious oil.
The remaining is used to feed the cattle and nuts shells for heating. Nothing is lost.

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The Purest Argan Oil Brands

Exactly why is argan oil the largest aesthetic discovery of the 21 st century? The response is straightforward – it goes well with people’s obsessions to look attractive! Argan oil consists of tocopherols, organic vitamin E components. The E Vitamin is a popularly recognized aesthetic nutritional supplement, because its primary purpose is encouraging healthy skin, hair, and nails. Argan oil additionally has large unsaturated fatty-acid content, which will be advantageous to the complete body. Unsaturated fatty acids are perfect for maintaining the heart-healthy and cholesterol amounts down. Besides these, the organic oils and acids seen in the oil are highly useful for moisturizing the outer-layer of the skin.

One Excellent Brand To Look-out For:

Skinception is among the greatest beauty product makers in the whole wide world. There is no question that their argan oil is a prized discovery! Among the greatest features of Skinception’s Argan oil is the in-depth data you will see in every carton or booklet. Each of their products show all the advantages that argan oil can offer you, providing you a precise idea of how it will also help you and what it may do for your skin. Not only this, Skinception’s argan oil is an entire-body bundle. You should use it on your own face, skin, hair fingernails, and private places you want to moisturize and beautify.
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Does The Oil Really Work?

Acne scars and acne are big business. Just look at all the marketing and hype enclosing the product Proactiv acne therapy. Only look at all the advertizing and ballyhoo enclosing the acne treatment product Proactiv. The one problem is that acne sufferers continue to be left with compound-based products with highly questionable results. It should not be so, because people have been using efficient and organic treatments for acne for the last hundreds of years – often with great results!


The effectiveness of argan oil is in fact quite remarkable. Men and women concur that argan oil is the greatest one can ever have. Besides making the skin more elastic and offering many anti-aging benefits, argan oil also helps in preventing development of wrinkles. If you’d like to get rid of skin discomfort, greasy skin, scars and stretch-marks, argan oil gives you a viable alternative.

It is also known as Tamanu Oil and it’s created from the nut kernels of the Tamanu Tree (it is scientific title is Calophyllum Inophyllum), growing profusely in the Melanesian nation of Vanuatu and to a much less extent in certain Polynesian countries.

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Acne Facts

Myth 1: Acne is caused by poor hygiene.
Fact: The main cause of acne is hormonal in nature. While it is necessary to keep your skin clean, washing your face twice a day with a mild soap will suffice. Extensive scrubbing at your skin will only cause your acne to worsen.
Myth 2: Only teenagers get acne
Fact: Anyone can experience acne. It is considered a teenagers disease by many people because the heightened hormonal activity during puberty can cause acne to form more frequently on the skin of a teenager. Acne can occur at any age from infancy late into adulthood and is particularly visible during periods of heightened hormonal activity.
Myth 3: Acne is caused by what you eat.
Fact: Scientists have found no proof linking the formation of acne to what you eat. However, it is possible to ensure a healthy skin by watching what you eat, including plenty of fresh vegetables in your diet, and not going wild with the junk food.
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More Detailed Brands Comparison

Argan oil, also known as ?liquid gold?, is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree abundantly located in Morocco. Enriched with high amount of Vitamin E and F, squalene, carotenes, phenols, and fatty acids, argon oil is widely and justifiably considered as a fantastic dietary supplement and a solution for different cosmetic problems.

Internal Usage and Benefits

Over the few years, the internal use of argan oil has increased manifold, with chefs earnestly getting hold of this liquid gold, not only because of its wonderful taste but also for its nutritional importance. Following are enlisted some of the key health benefits attributed to argan oil:
? improves blood circulation in the body
? stabilizes blood sugar level
? facilitates in treating diabetes
? lowers down cholesterol level
? strengthens immunity system of the body
? keeps a person from cardiovascular and inflammatory ailments
? being an anti-cancerous substance, reduces the potential risk of different kinds of cancers

External Use and Cosmetic Benefits

On account of containing incredible combination of ingredients, argan oil holds an important place in cosmetics. It protects the skin from developing rashes and viral infections; nourishes healthy; and contributes in maintaining beautiful nails. Following is the list of some of the cosmetic benefits achieved from argan oil:
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